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V8 Monza 2+2 Project Page

This is what it is . . . a nearly 40 year old car, well-used and moderately abused, POS (piece of sh*t) almost muscle car. I found it on Craig's list in Salem, Oregon on 4/3/2008 and paid $3,000 for it! The car fired right up and I drove the back roads home. Man did it bring back memories from high school daze! But my old Starfire didn't have a V8 so when I stomped on it and opened up all four barrels, it felt like driving the old GTO.

Whereas my Buick Skyhawk and Olds Starfires were about comfort, the V8 Monza is about power. No power steering. No A/C.  Since there are so many things wrong with it to make it a safe and reliable vehicle, I stashed it in the shop for a "some day" project.

Only 39,215 of the 2+2s were made in 1977 so they are quite rare.


All that said, the seller was not truthful about the shape that the car was in! It was not a road-worthy vehicle, leaked oil out of the back of the engine like a sieve, and needs EVERYTHING done to it. My idea was to do a restomod to be used as a fun driver with a classic exterior look that few people these days know about.

With no time or money to dedicate to the project, it has been sitting in my shop for the past 13 years.

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